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Manitoba Invests In Research Project to Support Health System Decision Making Data Needs

The project focuses to ensure that the Health System has access to quality data to support patients and ensure Quality Care, said Minister Friesen.

The project also received funding support through Canada’s Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Rewarding Success initiative. The Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR) and the province of Manitoba will each invest $600,000 annually over four years to support work on the project.

Three physicians at the University of Manitoba are leading the project, each focusing on a different area of health care and how timely access to data can be used to:
• create efficiencies to reduce the need for blood transfusions and ensure appropriate care is provided during surgeries;
• enhance the use of home dialysis to ensure care is delivered closer to home for rural patients; and
• enhance navigation to health care for cancer patients to ensure timely access to care, particularly in rural and northern Manitoba.