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No Mercy for the Coronas: A Manitoban Effort to Empower Children During COVID-19

Bringing together a world class team of medical researchers, university professors, health literacy educators, communications and graphic arts professionals, No Mercy for the Coronas is the very first children's science magazine launched for children around COVID-19.

No Mercy for the Coronas will be delivered free of charge to subscribers of the Winnipeg Free Press and La Liberté on May 21, 2020, and will also be available online at Its digital version will also be shared on the networks of our national and international press partners.

For this project, Sophie Gaulin, director and editor-in-chief of La Liberté, a newspaper celebrating its 107th anniversary this year, invited Associate Professor Jean-Eric Ghia to co-develop and oversee the scientific content of the magazine. Working with POP Comm communications agency, additional expert local contributors were sought to support the project. Thanks to the invaluable support of St. Boniface Hospital’s Albrechtsen Research Centre, most notably its Youth BIOlab Jeunesse, the content was co-developed by health literacy educators who specialize in communicating scientific content to children and teens.

The e-magazine will be readable and downloadable in two versions (English and French), for use in homes or in classrooms (either virtual or real) at In short, No Mercy for the Coronas! is for all those who wish to offer children a scientifically reliable resource during this global health crisis affecting all ages and all aspects of society.

This project was made possible by the financial support of some 20 partners from Manitoba, Quebec, across Canada and in various parts of the globe.

The 64 page magazine can be downloaded in French and English here