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Governments of Canada & Manitoba Announce $2.5 Million to support Merit Functional Foods

Through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, the governments of Canada and Manitoba will be providing Merit Functional Foods with up to $2.5 million for new equipment purchases that will support the transformation of raw inputs into value-added goods. The development of the Merit Functional Foods facility will create new, immediate jobs helping our economy restart after the COVID-19 pandemic and support the Manitoba Protein Advantage Strategy,” said Pedersen. “This project will enhance Manitoba’s economy by providing economic opportunities for the agricultural industry including employment and contributing to the growth of Manitoba’s growing protein processing sector and further establish Manitoba as a Canadian leader in plant protein extraction.”

Merit Functional Foods is building a new processing facility in Winnipeg that will derive protein from both canola and peas resulting in up to 17,000 metric tonnes of canola being purchased from Manitoba producers in its first year of operation and 10,000 metric tons of peas at an estimated value of $14 million. In three years, Merit Functional Foods expects that amount to increase up to 35,000 metric tonnes of canola and 20,000 metric tons of peas valued at $28 million. In June 2020, the Government of Canada announced additional federal financing support of nearly $100 million for the new Merit Functional Foods plant.