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Building the Bioeconomy: Pandemic Proves that Bioscience Is booming in Manitoba

Manitoba is known for its spectacular views, world-class museums, and of course, its polar bears, but some Canadians don’t know that the province is also home to a strong culture of bioscience research. From agricultural biotechnology, which addresses global issues like food safety and climate change, to the development of new therapies and diagnostic tests with work in biohealth, Manitoba is a veritable bioscience hub supported by a dedicated community of researchers.

“The size of our community and our fairly consistent demographics makes us an excellent site for research,” says Tracey Maconachie, President of the Bioscience Association Manitoba (BAM). “Our researchers know each other, have close connections to universities, and know the ins and outs of the types of approvals they need to go through. It’s an environment that’s allowed us to build on our strengths. And when COVID-19 hit, our researchers really took charge.” 

Cut through the noise with Discovering COVID

Keeping up with the latest updates on COVID-19, let alone sifting through them to find reliable sources, can be a serious effort given the speed of the news cycle. Subscribing to a publication from a trustworthy source, like BAM’s Discovering COVID newsletter, is one way to cut through the noise.

“We created the newsletter to inform people about Manitoba’s research community, but also to help people understand scientific concepts,” says Maconachie. “For instance, we’ve covered what a clinical trial looks like, and what actually goes into testing and evaluating medications to make sure they’re safe.”

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