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La Liberté Sciences Mag Junior - Together Against the Coronas!

La Liberte Image second edition.png (263 KB)


Here is the second children's magazine La Liberté Sciences Mag Junior, Together against the Coronas!

Just like the first issue published in May 2020, this 64-page illustrated magazine was designed for children and their families in order to answer their questions about what they can do to protect themselves from the virus causing COVID-19 and to slow its spread. Why do we need to wash our hands? Why do we need to wear a mask?

This FREE magazine offers an entertaining reading experience allowing everyone to have a better understanding of the impact COVID-19 can have on our daily life. This magazine is written by scientists, with fun illustrations that will help your little one understand sciences easily. The goal is to distribute this magazine as widely as possible so that children and their families can benefit from it.