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Cytophage Winnipeg Biotech Company Develops New Way to Catch and Kill COVID-19 Virus

WINNIPEG, Manitoba — Award-winning Cytophage Technologies Inc. today announced it is about to begin preclinical trials on a throat and nasal spray that will stop infection by the SARS- CoV-2 virus and its variants—thereby preventing death and illness as well as eliminating even asymptomatic cases and the worry about passing the virus to others.

“Unlike vaccines that trigger an immune response only after the virus has flooded the body’s systems, the synthetic bacteriophage in our spray will stimulate the production of protective antibodies in the nose and throat that then instantly get to work killing the virus when it enters the body. These antibodies also move throughout the body, allowing for general immunity faster,” said Dr. Steven Theriault, CEO and Chief Science Officer at Cytophage. “Essentially this means the person using our product would not develop COVID-19 which, in turn, would prevent the spread of COVID to others.”