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Dynacare Set To Sequence Delta Variant

Efforts to track the transmission in Manitoba of a much more contagious strain of COVID-19 are expanding as part of a private lab's agreement with the province.

Dynacare Labs is expected to expand sequencing capacity in Manitoba to check for the highly infectious and potentially more dangerous Delta B.1617 variant, which devastated India earlier this year and is expected to become the dominant strain in Canada. Dynacare had been sending Manitoba COVID-19 test results to Ontario for screening and sequencing, but as of June 22, the company is set to begin conducting sequencing for the Delta variant in Manitoba.

A Dynacare spokesman said the lab will change the process in order to conduct additional sequencing on all of the samples that test negative for certain genetic mutations (484k and 501y) that could indicate a variant of concern. Previously, only a sample of positive COVID-19 test results were sent for sequencing.

-Winnipeg Free Press