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Biotechnology Brain Game Winners!

Theo Wigle, a grade 12 student at Winnipeg’s Shaftesbury High School, was the winner of the 2011 Biotechnology Brain Game, played Monday, Sept.19 as part of Manitoba’s National Biotechnology Week. Theo had the same number of correct answers as second and third place contestants Danielle Morton, a grade 11 student at Margaret Barbour Collegiate in The Pas and Sarah Wang from Fort Richmond Collegiate. He won the first place prize of $200.00 since his answers were the first to arrive.

Fourteen students from four schools participated in the event, answering 15 questions about genomics. In past years, other topics have included biomedical engineering and infectious disease as well as general biotechnology information. The questions were created by Genome Prairie with the contest being hosted by LSAM. MindSet, the Manitoba Network for Science and Technology, organized the event. For further information about biotechnology learning activities for students, please contact Norman Lee, Coordinator, MindSet,