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From Ideas to Market – Advancing Research and Innovation in Manitoba $2.1M in Research Funding for Local Researchers and Companies

Research Manitoba announced $2,094,900 in research funding to support seventeen Innovation Proof-of-Concept Grants.

Research Manitoba’s investment leverages $2.13M and supports Manitoba-based projects in Biosciences, ICT, Advanced Manufacturing, and Infrastructure and Transportation Industries and Technologies.

These funds will foster research innovation and development in the Technology Readiness Levels 3-7 range, economic development and commercialization of products, and the movement of innovations from ideas to market usability.

“The Innovation Proof-of-Concept Grant provides funding for commercialization research that supports an inspiring level of collaboration, advances discovery, and propels local companies and industries toward market usability,” said Hon. Minister Jon Reyes, Minister of Economic Development and Jobs. This type of growth and development is vital to our province’s future as this type of research creates jobs and strengthens Manitoba’s research enterprise and innovation ecosystem with solutions that will help people across this province and beyond.”

Innovation Proof-of-Concept (IPoC) Recipients:

Stream 1: Manitoba-Based Consortium:

  • Cubresa Inc, Academic: Andrew Goertzen, University of Manitoba
  • Cuneyt Akcora, University of Manitoba, Industry: Protegra Inc.
  • Matt Khoshdarregi, University of Manitoba, Industry: Magellan Aerospace, Canfair Composites,
  • Triple E RV & Eastside Industrial
  • Aftab Mufti, University of Manitoba, Industry: Vector Corrosion
  • Saman Muthukumarana, University of Manitoba, Industry: ioAirFlow
  • Olanrewaju Ojo, University of Manitoba, Industry: Precision ADM
  • Bram Ramjiawan, University of Manitoba, Industry: OmniLyte
  • Anuraag Shrivastav, The University of Winnipeg, Industry: VastCon Inc.
  • John Sorensen, University of Manitoba, Industry: KGS Group
  • Christopher Storie, The University of Winnipeg, Industry: DecisionWorks & Arctic Gateway Group
  • Peter Zahradka, University of Manitoba, Industry: Koven Technology Canada Inc.

Stream 2: Manitoba Post-Secondary Researchers:

  • Young Jin Cha, University of Manitoba
  • Chase Figley, University of Manitoba
  • Pooneh Maghoul, University of Manitoba
  • Aftab Mufti, University of Manitoba
  • Tony Szturm, University of Manitoba
  • Qiuyan Yuan, University of Manitoba


-Research Manitoba

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