BIO 2022

We are the Bioscience Association of Manitoba (BAM). We are passionate advocates for the province's bioscience community. 

BIO is thrilled to be back in person for the 2022 International Convention happening in San Diego, CA June 13-16. The Convention theme "LIMITLESS" is our commitment to unlocking possibilities for our members and attendees while paving the path to the future of our industry.

Interested in attending? Reach out to Judi Bahl, Manager Business Development at 

For more information: BIO International Convention | BIO

Click here to download a copy of BAM's BIO 2022 booklet. 



Start Local, Expand Global

Our non-profit supports 110 members across the province, ranging from agricultural biotechnology to health biotechnology to clean biotechnology. We help our members connect with key stakeholders and government officials by encouraging innovative partnerships. These collaborations start locally and expand globally. 

We are committed to the success of our members. We do this by extending valuable resources and training opportunities to help the sector improve skills, enhance research and development, and achieve commercial success. 

We are the voice of Manitoba's bioscience industry. 

Manitoba's Industry

Winnipeg is a remarkable centre of discovery. When you delve into synergies among biotechnology, agriculture, and bioscience, you'll understand why. Winnipeg is home to the Canadian Science Centre for Human and Animal Health, the only level-4 bio-containment lab in Canada. We're also host to the Chronic Disease Innovation Centr, the Canadian Centre for Agri-Food Research in Health and Medicine, and the Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals. 

Winnipeg is the leading pharmaceutical manufacturing centre in Western Canada, and it's also home to major informatics research organizations actively supporting e-health and data analytics. 

All of this cost-effective innovation is built on a solid foundation comprised of the University of Manitoba, over 30 additional R&D institutions, and a growing number of private-sector firms. 

Manitoba remains one of the largest agricultural bioscience bases in Canada and there is vast potential to grow the sector here. 

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