Funding Opportunities

First Jobs Fund


Is your organization:

  • Looking to hire youth (ages 15 – 29 years) facing barriers to employment for their first job experience?
  • A registered non-profit or non-government organization?
  • Supporting Truth and Reconciliation activities related to youth employment?
  • Supporting a key economic sector with in-demand jobs?

If your organization answered YES to all these questions, the First Jobs Fund may be right for you. The First Jobs Fund may provide support to your organization to implement one, or both, of the following:

  1. Job readiness program that will develop employability skills, mentorship, job coaching and life skills to youth participants
  2. Wage subsidy program that will provide a minimum of seven (7) hours of employment per week and at least 150 hours of employment to youth participants

Since 2016, the First Jobs Fund has provided opportunities for youth to:

  • Gain employability skills and work experience to prepare for future employment.
  • Build the confidence, abilities and skills needed to enter the workforce.
  • Access supports that meet their needs and get them ready to work.

Funding for First Jobs Fund programs is available for NEW EMPLOYEES only.

Applications will be accepted from May 15 to July 31, 2023.



Mayo Clinic Innovation Exchange

The Trade Commissioner Service in Miami, San Diego and San Francisco have partnered with the Mayo Clinic Innovation Exchange in Jacksonville, Florida to offer an opportunity to participate in a six-month virtual program.

The program provides a powerful way to connect with health care entrepreneurs, startups, Mayo Clinic thought leaders, and industry experts, who all share the mission of bringing breakthrough innovations to market in order to benefit patients.  The platform is flexible and support is personalized to reflect your own needs. The Exchange makes it easy to access the tools and resources you need to transform your ideas into products, and develop and grow your business. Qualified Canadian entrepreneurs, startups, and other established companies in the Health Care and Health Tech sectors that are focused on improving patient care by bringing breakthrough innovations to market are invited to apply. Any phase of the commercialization process is welcome.

The application period ends on June 14, 2023 at 4pm (Eastern Time).

Program highlights:

  • Virtual programmed services and events, tailored to the needs of Canadian entrepreneurs in all phases of commercialization.
  • Strategic connections to relevant Mayo Clinic physicians, researchers and/or scientists.
  • Access to premium business advisors and educational resources.
  • Opportunities for mentorship matching.
  • Introductions to funding: angel investors, venture capital firms, and other sources.

Preferred focus areas (but not limited to)

  • Advanced Care at Home-enabling tools: such as remote monitoring, etc.
  • Integrated oncology / carbon ion-relevant technologies.
  • Neuroscience and neurosurgery.
  • Regenerative Medicine and Immunotherapy.
  • Transforming Transplantation.
  • Next-generation precision cancer prevention strategies leveraging AI and consumer data.
  • Highly individualized cancer care incorporating multi-“omics”, innovative tumor and patient models, and novel approaches to radiology and pathology image analysis.

Application Information

Please email your interest to Ximena Pauvif-Machado no later than June 9 at 4pm Eastern Time. 

The email should include the following information:

Company Name, Address, Phone, Website

Your Name and Title

Number of years in Business

Brief description of your company (maximum of two paragraphs).

Your company’s Area/Segment of healthcare.

Companies will be notified by early July if they have been selected. Prior to acceptance into the program, all companies will be subject to the Exchange’s application process and completion of a background check (including personal, financial and criminal).

If you have any questions, please contact us at the email or mobile below.

Ximena Pauvif-Machado  (she/her/elle)

  Trade Commissioner |  Déléguée commerciale

  Mobile (305) 989-7768

  200 South Biscayne Blvd., Suite 1600, Miami, FL 33131

  Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada

  Consulate General of Canada | Consulat général du Canada


Small and Medium-Sized Business Support: Learn About Programs to Assist in Growing Your Business

The Manitoba government's Department of Economic Development, Investment and Trade offers several programs and incentives targeted for both individuals and businesses. Its goal is to encourage and facilitate entrepreneurial and employment opportunities within the province through the establishment of new businesses or the expansion/ retention of existing Manitoba businesses. 

Please find below a list of programs and incentives you can use to facilitate the initiation or expansion of your businesses: 

Workforce Development Program
Industry Expansion Program 
Innovation Growth Program 
Community Enterprise Development Tax Credit
Manitoba Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit 
Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit 


NGen Funding Program: Advanced Manufacturing Projects

The Global Innovation Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing will co-invest $35 million of Federal funds along with industry contributions to launch $95M worth of new innovation projects across Canada.

NGen will support collaborative, business-led projects that are aimed at de-risking, commercializing, and scaling-up innovative manufacturing capabilities in Canada.

Project Requirements:

Project must focus on the development of an advanced manufacturing technology or process to improve and scale-up production capabilities. A limited percentage of product research and development will be permitted.

Dates & Deadlines:

  • Project Development Workshop: April 27, 2023
  • Project Application Portal open: April 24, 2023
  • Project Screening Deadline: May 12, 2023
  • Project Application Deadline: June 15, 2023



Trade Commissioner Service's CanExport Funding Program to Help Canadian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) Break into New International Market.

CanExport SMEs is Now Accepting Applications for Fiscal Year 2023-24 for Projects Starting April 1, 2023. 

Small and medium sized companies may access up to $50,000 in funding to assist with international, market development activities. 

Who can apply?

  1. be for-profit
  2. be an incorporated legal entity, limited liability partnership (LLP) or cooperative
  3. have a Canada Revenue Agency business number
  4. employ fewer than 500 full-time equivalent employees
  5. have $100,000 to $100 million in declared revenue in Canada during its past fiscal year (or 12 months for quarterly filers) 




Sustainable Protein Production Program call for Proposals on Accelerating the Development of Emerging Technologies for the Canadian Plant Protein Sector

The goal of the National Research Council of Canada's (NRC) Sustainable Protein Production (SPP) program, one of the NRC's Global Innovation Cluster Support programs, is to add value to plant-based proteins and their co-products and to move them up the value chain. This call for proposals is to facilitate the development of new technologies and processes that can result in more sustainable practices in the production, processing and manufacturing of plant protein in Canada. 

Key dates and deadlines: 

  • February 6, 2023 – Call for proposals opens
  • April 6, 2023 – Deadline to submit expression of interest
  • May 1, 2023 – The NRC sends out invitations to submit a full project proposal
  • June 15, 2023 – Deadline to submit full project proposal
  • July 31, 2023 – Completion of assessment process
  • Early August 2023 – Notifications of final results to applicants  
  • As of December 1, 2023 – Project and funding disbursements begin




Government of Canada Announces Major Investment to Support Scientist, Researchers and Students

On November 16, the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, announced more than $1 billion in funding to support scientists, researchers and students. This investment, made through a number of funding programs, will support researchers across Canada in different fields, disciplines and stages of their careers.

From upgrading research facilities to maintaining modern equipment, to supporting students and the establishment and renewal of Canada Research Chairs, this funding will ensure Canadian research continues to lead the world and push the boundaries of knowledge, while also supporting the next generation of young Canadians.

The announced funding includes: 

Read the full news release HERE.


The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Incentives

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax incentives encourage businesses of all sizes and in all sectors to conduct research and development (R&D) in Canada.

Depending on the size and type of business, SR&ED incentives are:

  • a deduction against income
  • an investment tax credit (ITC) that can be
    • non-refundable
    • refundable

Whatever eligible SR&ED work you are doing, you can use your pool of deductible SR&ED expenditures to reduce your net income for tax purposes in the current year or deduct them in a future year.

Your ITCs will be at least 15% and can be as much as 35% of your qualified SR&ED expenditures. You can use the ITCs to reduce your income tax payable for the year. If you have excess ITCs in the current year, you may also get a refund. If you have any unused ITCs, you can carry them back 3 years or forward 20 years and apply them against tax payable for other years.

Corporations, individuals, trusts and members of a partnership can use these Government of Canada incentives.

For more information: 

If you want more information about SR&ED, you can attend an information seminar, contact SR&ED Outreach Program or contact us with any questions.

SR&ED information sessions
Attend virtual information seminars on a variety of topics to help businesses gain a deeper understanding of the SR&ED Program. Find out about upcoming SR&ED information sessions and webinars.

SR&ED Outreach Program
The Outreach Program is an initiative that seeks to promote and educate potential claimants about the SR&ED tax credit. Learn more about the SR&ED outreach program.


The Business Scale-up and Productivity (BSP) Program is Now Accepting Expression of Interests (EOIs) on an Ongoing Basis.

If you are a company in the Prairie Provinces looking to grow, the Business Scale-up and Productivity (BSP) program could be for you. BSP supports high-growth businesses that are scaling up and producing innovative goods, services, or technologies. It offers interest-free, repayable funding to incorporated Canadian companies.

The objectives of the program are to:

assist high-growth companies to scale-up and expand,
support technology demonstration and bringing new technologies to market,
encourage the early adoption or adaptation of leading-edge technologies and processes to improve productivity, and
increase businesses’ capacity to grow through market diversification and entry into global markets.

Your project proposal must support one of the following priorities:

  • Clean technology
  • Clean resources
  • Digital technology
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Value-added agriculture
  • Health/bio-sciences

For more information about the program and how to apply, please visit PrairiesCan’s BSP website or contact a regional office.

For Winnipeg, Manitoba region, please contact:

Telephone: 204-983-4472
Toll Free: 1-888-338-9378
Fax: 204-983-1280

Email: wd.mb-mb.deo@
Mailing Address: MacDonald Building
4th Floor, 344 Edmonton St
Winnipeg MB R3B 2L4


Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit

The Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit (SBVCTC) provides a non-refundable Manitoba tax credit of up to 45% to individuals and corporations who acquire equity capital in eligible Manitoba enterprises. The program targets Manitoba companies that want to raise equity from higher net worth individuals, with a minimum investment of $10,000 per investor. Corporations must be pre-approved to issue shares and must demonstrate that they are:

  • A Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC) with a permanent establishment in Manitoba;
  • Assets are used in active business;
  • Revenue generated from active business;
  • At least $25,000 cash equity already invested;
  • A small business with:
     - Annual revenue less than $15 million; or
     - Less than 100 full-time equivalent employees
  • At least 25% of employees reside in Manitoba; and
  • Not a Reporting Issuer.

Approved corporations have a $10 million lifetime limit on shares issued.

Investors can invest a maximum of $500,000 per company.

For more information, visit:


Prairies Economic Development Canada

Do you have line of sight to the next growth opportunity for your company?  If you’re ready to grow, we’re ready to talk. 

Prairies Economic Development Canada offers interest-free, repayable growth capital to incorporated small and medium-sized companies who are looking to expand into new markets, increase their productivity and capitalize on changing market conditions.

Our Jobs and Growth Fund is designed to support inclusive job creation, enhance competitiveness and build resiliency as your business grows.  The Business Scale-up and Productivity (BSP) Program is tailored to help companies accelerate their growth by supporting productivity innovation, scale-up activities and technology commercialization.  

Apply today, or contact our Manitoba office (204-983-4472 or to discuss either of these opportunities.