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Carla Coyle


Carla Coyle is a female entrepreneur (President and CEO of C2 Custom Furnishings Inc ) with a passion for helping people find easy solutions during difficult times. From a very young age, she has been enthusiastic about the environment, advocating for waste reduction services and a reduction in chemical use. Carla has over 20 years experience in wood manufacturing and is a Board Member of the Wood Manufacturing Council in Ottawa.

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Q & A


Q: Who are your women role models and not necessarily in science?

A: Luckily Superwoman wasn't a role model as I think I would have been disappointed with real -life. My mom has been my first positive role model and continues to be. She's a smart, strong, giving and resilient woman with a "glass half full" attitude. Once I had kids I had a whole new appreciation for her strength, skills and happiness.

Other colleagues, friends and business owners continue to be role models to me for different reasons and they all have similar characteristics. They are hardworking, smart, creative, kind, have a positive out look and take risk in their own way.

Other women I've learned from through their work/art are Oprah, Maria Shriver, Frida Kahlo and Gloria Steinem to mention a few.


Q: How did you reach your level of success, given the sector’s gender gap, especially among leadership?

A: I always try to find a solution even when there are many. roadblocks. Since there were not many female role models in my industry I've had male role models throughout my career and now try to be a positive role model to other women. There are many things that have helped me: education, workexperience, volunteering, timing, personal growth and relationships.


Q: What are the biggest obstacles you had to overcome?

A: One big obstacle I've had to overcome is the fear of failure. I try to re-frame my thoughts on failing; failure can be the best teacher/lesson and from it new ideas are born. Currently and for the last 11 years my biggest obstacle is juggling motherhood and owning a business.


Q: If you had the option to give advice to a younger version of yourself, what would that be?

A: Be true to your values. Do the best at every job or volunteer experience; it will all come together later in your career and life. Don't limit yourself, especially based on other people's beliefs or opinions of you or women in general.

Join associations and groups to meet new people and learn of new opportunities. Surround yourself with great people. Keep learning and growing. Know your strengths and work with them! Laugh as much as you can.


LinkedIn: @Carla Coyle


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