Women in Bioscience

Kim Kline


Kim is the catalyst of BAM. Her unrestrained passion for creating a strong bioscience industry in Manitoba has shaped the province in incalculable ways. With Kim in leadership, BAM is continually advocating for opportunities and innovation in Manitoba’s bioscience industry and her people-focused approach has reflected in an extensive expansion of the sector's workforce development.

Q & A 


Q: What is it like to be a woman in bioscience?

A: Amazing. Inspiring.


Q: Who are your women role models and not necessarily in science?

A: My role models are strong women who are successful in their own right. Especially those women who support other women. It's important that women build each other up.


Q: Do you think there are particular structural roadblocks that impede the progress of women in science?

A: I think the roadblocks are only about the awareness of careers that are available. I think girls can do anything they put their mind to and once they know, we'll see more and more young women in stem.


Q: Would you say that through your career, things have become better for women working in the bioscience industry?

A: absolutely! 100% yes! My greatest hope is that the gender pay gap in Canada will end. Women on average earn 13% less than men, working the same job, and I am certain that with the implementation of the Pay Equity Act these inequalities are being addressed.


Q: How did you reach your level of success, given the sector’s gender gap, especially among leadership?

A: I have been very lucky to have a champion or two. I think it's important for a woman within leadership positions to find someone to be their mentor - and model yourself after that person. Then be the example.


Q: What are the biggest obstacles you had to overcome?

A: My biggest obstacle to overcome was between my two ears. Self doubt, self recrimination and second guessing myself most definitely held me back in certain instances.


Q: If you had the option to give advice to a younger version of yourself, what would that be?

A: Don't worry so much about what other people think about you. Trust your instinct. Be brave, be fearless and be kind


LinkedIn: @Kim Kline


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