Women in Bioscience

Tara Bingham


Tara brings almost 30 years of political, government relations and public affairs experience with a focus on public policy advocacy, stakeholder outreach and brand reputation management to her role as Vice President at Prairie Sky Strategy.

Tara is a trusted voice and respected leader across a broad network of patient-group and economic stakeholders, bioscience organizations and trade associations.

Tara’s career began on Parliament Hill in Ottawa followed by more than 15 years as a respected advocate in the life sciences sector, with the majority of that time at AstraZeneca, where she provided strategic counsel to local and global executives across Canada, the United States and Europe.

Tara served on the Board of Research Canada and holds a BA Honors in Anthropology with a Linguistics Specialization from Western University.

After 18 years in Ottawa, Tara and her family relocated to Winnipeg, Manitoba eight years ago.



Q: Who or what inspired you work in the bioscience industry? 

A:I am a passionate advocate for the bioscience sector, which began almost twenty years ago when I worked on Parliament Hill in Ottawa in the early years of my career. I have had the great opportunity to work with incredible leaders across the bioscience ecosystem - researchers, stakeholders, physicians - as well as other inspiring advocates and champions in and around governments. These experiences continue to fuel my passion for the bioscience industry, for those who contribute to its success, and especially for those who benefit from its products and technologies.



Q: Who are your women role models and not necessarily in science? 

A: Dr. Jane Goodall
    Dr. Roberta Bondar
    Maya Angelou
    Mary Jackson, NASA Aeronautical Engineer
    Dr. Marie Curie



Q: What are the biggest obstacles you had to overcome?

A: The dismissal of ideas and approaches, though in most cases sheer persistence and determination resulted in successfully overcoming those obstacles. 


Q: If you had the option to give advice to a younger version of yourself, what would that be?

A: Girls can have incredible careers in, mathmetics, biomedical and all other sciences!



"Just like moons and like suns,

With the certainty of tides,

Just like hopes springing high,

Still I'll rise."

Maya Angelou (from "Still I Rise" )



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