Life Science Industry

Bioscience Association Manitoba is the voice and organizational nucleus of Manitoba’s bioscience industry. Its mission is to enable commercial success, catalyst innovation, expand industry skills, and bring awareness to Manitoba’s thriving bioscience industry.

BAM does this though its relationship to the local, national, and international bioscience community, and by providing benefits to BAM members and seeking new relationships with Manitoba's bioscience companies. 


Since 1990, BAM has become the premier leader of bioscience events, training sessions, networking opportunities, and industry-related information. It’s job is to help companies connect, grow, and thrive.

BAM’s 110+ member organizations receive a broad range of benefits, such as free job postings, invites to exclusive events, and publicity through BAM's newsletters and social media. Members also receive discounts on conferences located locally and internationally, industry training courses, travel and rooming accommodations, and office necessitates. These benefits help BAM work in tangible ways to promote, network, and develop Manitoba’s bioscience industry.  

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Manitoba's Bioeconomy

Manitoba’s bioeconomy is strong. Our prairies, our resources, and our facilities enable bioscience companies to thrive. BAM’s role within this industry to help connect companies, enable businesses to reach beyond their borders, and provide organizations with resources to accomplish their goals

BAM operates in an industry of over 170 bioscience organizations. These organizations have generated $2.5 billion dollars into Manitoba’s economy, and currently employ over 5,600 workers.