Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI)

(PAMI) is an ISO 9001:2015-registered organization established in 1975 to provide a unique resource to both prairie farmers and agricultural machinery manufacturers. Today, in addition to continuing our agricultural priorities, PAMI has also evolved to serve the needs of both the mining and transportation industries. With a professionally diverse staff, PAMI is committed to providing excellence in product development, testing, and design. We offer our clients access to valuable agricultural testing and benchmarking equipment as well as first-rate testing equipment for industry. PAMI also offers computer-aided engineering technologies. With these technologies, PAMI is able to digitally prototype a structure, bulk material, or fluid to analyze the performance of a particular product or system.

As an additional benefit to our clients, PAMI also enables intellectual property and will sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure that when you work with us, your intellectual property is yours to keep!

Contact Info

Box 1060, 390 River Road Portage la Prairie R1N 3C5 MB Canada
P: 1 431 808-5495
F: 1 204 239 7124