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If you, or someone you know has a food business, that you would love to grow or a new food or agri-product business idea, this summit is for you. All the information, networks and tools yoiu need to help you achieve your goals will be at your fingertips. 

At the event, you will learn about trends in the future for food and technology from Dana McCauley, a Canadian chef, author and food innovation expert, in her Keynote Address: Market Disruptors and the Future of Food and Agriculture and from many other Workshop topics including:

  • Accessing Global Opportunities – Manitoba Food Products to Global Markets,
  • Increase Profits through Improved Food Waste Utilization
  • Incorporating Manitoba Ingredients into Food and Beverage Products
  • The Manitoba Protein Strategy,
  • Branding your Product,
  • Opportunities for Cannabis and Hemp Ventures

At the summit, you will get to ask an expert and gain current knowledge and information on Clean Labelling, Packaging Innovation, Social Media, Raising Capital, importing and Exporting, Scaling Up, Nutrition Claims and more!

Come experience the Suppliers Expo and Trade Show and sample new food and beverage products and connect with successful entrepreneurs and business advisors for information and advice on moving your food business forward and growing your enterprise.

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