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Speaking as a Leader - Calgary

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Speaking as a Leader® is a highly interactive workshop which teaches participants how to lead every time they communicate. This workshop will give participants practical tools and guidance they can implement immediately. The underlying objective of the program is to help participants become more influential through their communication.

The ability to speak with clarity, conviction and influence is critical in leadership. To be truly effective, leaders must be able to inspire action every time they communicate - from formal talks and presentations to less formal impromptu interactions like one-on-one conversations, impromptu discussions and Q&A sessions.

Speaking as a Leader® meets this goal by showing participants how to communicate persuasively and inspirationally leaders in every interaction. The program involves applied learning to ensure the tools are immediately applicable, and the impact is lasting. It includes a hands-on presentation workshop, discussions, one-to-one coaching and exercises.

In this session, participants will learn to:

  • Approach communication with the intent to inspire action.
  • Speak and write with clarity and conviction in every interaction
  • Engage your audience with a grabber
  • Develop and deliver clear and powerful messages
  • Communicate powerful messages that reflect your leadership style
  • Support your message using a clear and logical structure
  • Close with a clear call to action
  • Display the presence of a leader no matter the venue
  • Plan effectively for critical conversations
  • Structure your thinking on the fly in impromptu discussions
  • Handle negative comments and pushback with confidence

DATE: February 4th, 2019

LOCATION: Kahanoff Conference Centre, Room 202-200, 105 12th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta T2G 1A1

About The Instructor

Demetrios Nicolaides is an Associate with The Humphrey Group, based in the Calgary office. For over 25 years, The Humphrey Group has helped business leaders use their communication to inspire their audience. Clients are introduced to a guiding communications methodology that enables them to view all communication as an opportunity for leadership – and then shows them how to capitalize on all such opportunities.

Demetrios provides one-on-one coaching as well as group training and is involved in strengthening and building client relationships. He works with a wide range of business leaders, primarily from the banking and energy sectors. He is an expert in the area of conflict resolution and is an accredited Civil & Commercial Mediator as well as a full member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

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