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Train the Workplace Trainer

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It is essential for every organization to have a proven onboarding system for team members. Fellow team members should have an understanding of how to share information with new team members and ensure they are well equipped to perform their duties. 

This two-day workshop is a unique opportunity to learn practical techniques, implemented by adult learning institutions, to improve the quality and delivery of your onboarding system. Learn how to develop a training plan, apply the six essential steps of skills training and deliver training in one-on-one and group situations. 

DATES: February 7th and February 12th, 2020

TIME: 9 am - 4 pm

LOCATION: Training Room 104, 1000 Waverley Street


Melenie Olfert is a diversity and intercultural practitioner, presenter, and trainer with more than 10 years of facilitation experience to a variety of audiences. Melenie holds several certificates on adult education and diplomas in Business and Human Resources Management as well as an acknowledgment from the recognized Diversity & intercultural training program with the Province of Manitoba. She has co-authored workplace resources used by organizational leaders across the province and is the co­ facilitator of the Language Interpreter Training Program. Melenie has delivered training and developed curriculum in the areas of diversity and inclusion, a respectful workplace, leadership skills, positive coaching, and employee motivation and well-being.

  • $300.00 (Members pay $200.00)