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Leading a Project in a Remote Environment- Live Online/Virtual training

This course combines important tips and techniques of both project management and leadership for people now forced to manage remotely. We’ll show you how to manage projects remotely, how to communicate successfully in a remote environment, and how to adjust important leadership qualities to a remote audience. This is an essential course for any project leaders and individuals in these times of remote interactions. Here’s what we’ll cover:

Course Objectives :


•   Leading and Communicating Online

•   Setting online protocols

•   How to use the tools

•   Explaining online communication guidelines

•   Crafting your Message: Clear, Concise, Complete

•   Articulating Well

                   Tone, Inflection, Pace, Uhms

•   Your Nonverbal Self

•   Clean background

•   Lighting counts

•   Facial expressions and body language to bring people together

•   Listening Online

•   Wait, Delays

•   Helping people listen to each other online


Managing Projects Remotely

•   Identifying the five process groups and nine knowledge areas as defined by the PMI

•   Balancing the triple constraint

•   Time

•   Money

•   Scope

•   Controlling the Project

•   Reviewing and Adjusting Planning Documents

                   SOW, Project Requirements, Project Charter

•   Communicating and Adjusting the Schedule

•   Evaluating and Adjusting the Risk Management Plan

•   Reviewing the Communication Plan




Lori Marra


Lori Marra has over thirty years experience in technical communication and training. Lori has broad experience in the medical imaging industry where she developed hardware, software, and service manuals. She and her team managed large-scale global projects. As an Associate Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication, Lori is an internationally recognized leader in field of Technical Communication and Instructional Design.


She developed RGI’s Centre for Engineering and Technical LeadershipTM, a resource for cultivating leaders in the scientific, technical and engineering field. Lori is also an accomplished speaker and trainer who has delivered diverse content to a broad range of audiences over various media. Having worked on international development teams, she is comfortable managing and working in virtual and internationally diverse environments.