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Leadership for Women - Virtual (Winter Intake)

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Leadership for Women (Virtual) 

BAM is pleased to partner with EI Advantage for Leadership for Women.

Redefine the way you communicate, collaborate, and make decisions as a leader!

This program provides research-based content that focuses on the leadership dimensions most critical for advancement including authenticity, the ability to lead and incite actions in others, the courage to innovate, and mentoring strategies. Participants will gain knowledge of emotional intelligence and enhance practices through hands-on activities and exercises designed to promote strong leaders. 

The program has five modules and takes place over four ½ day virtual sessions. An optional add-on for executive coaching is available. Class size will be capped at 10 participants to provide an engaging online learning environment. 


Deadline to Register is January 31, 2023



Janice Gair & Hayley Hesseln, Co-founders, EI Advantage

Course Outline

Module 1: Explore leading with authenticity. Enhance your self-awareness and command esteem and self-regard.

Module 2: Lead and incite action in others. Develop skills necessary to apply a coach approach to management.

Module 3: Be innovative and resilient. Identify what skills are important for innovation and promote creativity and independence in others.

Module 4: Avoid derailment. Explore strategies to avoid leadership pitfalls.

Module 5: Articulate your Vision. Learn to promote and practice visionary leadership.


  • Four half-day online workshops with workshop materials
  • EQ-i 2.0 report and debrief
  • Certificate of Completion


Upon completion of the program, participants will receive access to our Enhance Your Optimism self-paced e-learning module to continue their momentum.  Optimism gives us the ability to remain positive despite setbacks and is critical for success. The program comes complete with bite-sized videos and optional downloadable exercises.


February 7, 9, 14, and 16th – 1:00 pm-4:00 pm CST


Member Pricing:

Member: $1,000

Member w/Coaching: $2,000

Non-Member Pricing:

Non-Member : $1,400

Non-Member w/Coaching:  $2,650