Genome Prairie

Genome Prairie is a non-profit organization that supports stakeholders across Manitoba and Saskatchewan, helping them capture and maximize benefits of advanced research in genomics and biosciences.

The organization achieves this by aligning partners and resources to develop and manage projects that address regional priorities. Genome Prairie also enables regional researchers to participate in Genome Canada’s competitive granting process for large-scale projects.

The field of genomics and related biosciences is highly competitive. It requires significant levels of expertise to excel, and a wide access to capacities and resources. It also takes knowledge, relationships, and motivation to turn ideas into realities. 

Genome Prairie’s targeted efforts in project development, research management, and community engagement ensures the Prairie Provinces maintain and enhance their reputation as a central location for innovation and commercialization.

Contact Info

Office 110, 200-135 Innovation Drive Winnipeg R3T 6A8 MB Canada
P: 1 204 269 0868
F: 1 204 269 1160