September 30, 2013

Biovalco was created in 2012 as a partnership between La Coop fédérée and Prairie Bio-Energy. As biomass experts, they produce a variety of innovative, value added products from agricultural biomass at their R&D facility in La Broquerie, Manitoba. Biovalco has recently launched an innovative product under the brand name SuperStraw™. SuperStraw is a highly absorbent material derived from cereal straw that would otherwise be burnt in the fields at the end of the season.

In the past, the focus of the company was to manufacture a densified cube of agricultural residue, primarily wheat straw, as an environmentally friendly replacement for coal. During the development of this biomass fuel, Biovalco started exploring alternate uses for the material. The processed straw has enhanced absorbency qualities that allows for use in multiple applications, most notably as an animal bedding product.

Through scientific study at The University of Manitoba SuperStraw was proven to have the ability to absorb five times its weight in water, much higher than competing products on the market. Aside from absorbency, the SuperStraw has many other benefits as animal bedding. It is heat treated to eliminate any potential bacteria from the raw straw, it is easy to clean and dispose of after use and makes a great composting medium, it has excellent odour control because of its absorbency, and best of all it is a comfortable bedding that is ideal for post-surgery and day-to-day bedding.

Not only is this product a superior quality animal bedding, trials have been conducted for other uses. It has performed exceptionally well as a garden mulch and as a mushroom casing.

The conversion of agricultural residues into a marketable product benefits the agricultural industry in Manitoba by providing both grain producers and custom straw baling operations another potential revenue stream.

Biovalco has many other projects on the go at their R&D facility. We are constantly conducting trials with a variety of biomass materials to bring sustainable products to market, as part of a brighter future for Manitobans, and promoting responsible business.

For inquiries on the SuperStraw product or the company of Biovalco, please feel free to contact:

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Executive Assistant
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Sales and Marketing Manager
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