A Silent Killer, A White Knight, And A Compelling Long Opportunity: Miraculins Inc

February 6, 2015

The following online article was published this morning February 5th and offers an extensive, in-depth profile and review of Miraculins and its Scout DS® diabetes screening technology. Over 21 pages in length, it is a detailed must-read for those interested in the Company’s market potential and business strategies.


Miraculins is a medical device company centred on the acquisition, development and commercialization of diagnostic and risk assessment technologies for unmet clinical needs. The strategic direction of the company looks very promising to me.

Looking ahead in 2015, here are the key projected milestones:

Begin Chinese FDA Approval Process (Begin Study)
File Pre-submission for U.S. FDA "De-Novo" Classification
Establish Additional Pilot Programs Within Canadian Retail Pharmacy/Grocery Settings
Establish Workplace Screening Rental Program
Begin to Establish a Scout DS® Medical Advisory Board
Complete Manufacturing Transition of the Scout DS®
For more detailed information on each, please refer to this January 20th, 2015 press release.

Bottom line, I think that there is a very compelling investment opportunity given: (1) the opportunity to start generating revenues over the next 6 months; (2) the significance of forthcoming news releases to act as catalysts to unlock shareholder value; (3) the market opportunity preventing diabetes and coronary artery disease is very attractive; (4) there has been between $40-$50 million already invested into the Scout DS®; and (5) the Scout DS® is so novel there are no direct competitors, and its business model is tried and true.

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A FEW FACTS ON DIABETES Diabetes is a silent killer. It is a global pandemic and becoming a major economic problem for our society. Its impact is significant and is only getting worse each day: There are 387 million people with Type-2 Diabetes in the world World diabetes cases are expected to jump 55 percent by 2035