XiteBio® SoyRhizo® for Soybean: Expanded usage approval received from CFIA

December 18, 2015

WINNIPEG, Canada (December 14, 2015): XiteBio Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce that it has received the approval for expanded use of XiteBio® SoyRhizo® in the Canadian market from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

XiteBio® SoyRhizo®, the only premium soybean inoculant powered by AGPT® (Advanced Growth Promoting Technology), now offers 64 days of on-seed viability when combined with most major seed treatments. This provides retailers with added flexibility when preparing for the upcoming 2016 growing season. XiteBio® SoyRhizo® has also been approved for in-furrow use (175 mL/ac at 30” row spacing), enabling producers with multiple methods of application for the inoculant to best fit into their agronomic practices.

Along with a two year product shelf life and an all-in-one liquid formulation that does not require additional mixing, XiteBio® SoyRhizo® continues to enhance its ease of application. “Working together with retailers and farmers allows us to keep developing ways to meet the needs of the end users”, says Bob Reekie, Business and Product Manager at XiteBio. “This only serves to strengthen the uniqueness of SoyRhizo®”.

Featuring the revolutionary AGPT®, XiteBio® SoyRhizo® works to invigorate the natural microflora in the soil while also adding fresh rhizobia for optimum nitrogen fixation. “Synergy is created within the soil microbiology”, explains Dr. Manas Banerjee, President & CEO of XiteBio Technologies. “This boosts the overall health of the soil, which allows for increased plant vigor and higher yields”.

XiteBio® SoyRhizo®, a naturally occurring premium soybean inoculant powered by AGPT®, enhances soybean performance and nodulation that maximizes soybean yield. Along with XiteBio® PeasRhizo (premium inoculant for pea and lentil), XiteBio® SoyRhizo® is becoming the outstanding option for producers from XiteBio and its North American distributors. For full information on directions for use and seed treatment compatibility, please contact XiteBio Technologies Inc.


XiteBio Technologies Inc. is a privately owned Canadian ag-biotech company. XiteBio’s head office and IRD Centre is located in Winnipeg, Canada. XiteBio researches, develops and markets innovative and value-added ag-biological products for today’s and tomorrow’s farmers. XiteBio’s product line includes: inoculants, early-post biologicals, biofertilizers, additives, plant growth regulators and biopesticides. XiteBio’s primary focus is to provide next generation ag-biological solutions to the distributors/dealers and farmers with environmentally friendly, unique and efficacious products with cost-competitive pricing.


Manas Banerjee - CEO, XiteBio Technologies Inc., Phone: 204-257-0775, E-mail: Manas.Banerjee@xitebio.ca

Matthew Doering - Communications Team, XiteBio Technologies Inc., Phone: 204-257-0775,  Email: Matthew.Doering@xitebio

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“Working together with retailers and farmers allows us to keep developing ways to meet the needs of the end users.” Bob Reekie, Business and Product Manager at XiteBio.