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Solnul and Griffith Foods Offer Prebiotic Snack Seasoning Targeting Digestive Health and Nutrient Gap

MSP Starch Products Inc. (MSP), the largest potato starch producer in Canada, has partnered with Griffith Foods™, experts in delivering flavorful snacks, to formulate a prebiotic snack seasoning product featuring MSP’s proprietary resistant potato starch, Solnul™.

Solnul™ is supported by human microbiome research demonstrating its effects on GI health, microbial balance, and regularity. As an insoluble but fully fermentable fiber, it also functions as a prebiotic by significantly increasing Bifidobacterium in the GI tract to support a healthy microbiome at low doses.

Griffith Foods™ prebiotic snack seasoning is available in two flavors and well-suited for popcorn, extruded snack, rice cake and crisp applications. Each serving contains the benefits of a clinically-researched dose of 3.5 g Solnul™ 50% more fiber, half the sodium and less sugar than the leading flavored popcorn brand in the US.1 Formulators can expect to increase the quantity and quality of their product’s fiber for a truly better-for-you snack offering.

The Snack Seasoning comes in two innovative flavors white cheddar and tzatziki. Contact for samples and more information.


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