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Full US Launch of XiteBio PeasRhizo

WINNIPEG, Canada (November 21, 2012): XiteBio Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the full commercial launch of XiteBio® PeasRhizo, a low-volume premium ready-to-use liquid pea & lentil inoculant, for spring 2013.

XiteBio® PeasRhizo uses Advanced Growth Promoting Technology (AGPT) to revolutionize pea & lentil production. AGPT, developed exclusively in XiteBio’s IRD (Innovation, Research & Development) Centre works in three ways: i) introducing optimum numbers of nitrogen fixing Rhizobium into the soil, ii) invigorating the natural soil microflora, including the native rhizobia, and iii) creating synergy between them. PeasRhizo is a low volume liquid inoculant that comes as a convenient all-in-one-package ready to apply on-seed or in-furrow. PeasRhizo promotes growth & yield, and in 2011 field trials average pea yield was increased by 2.2 bu/ac (17%).

Improved crop vigour and yield increases have consistently been reported by the farmers, University scientists, and private researchers who have tried and tested PeasRhizo, across the pulse growing regions in the US and Canada. PeasRhizo combines the nodule forming nitrogen fixing bacteria Rhizobium leguminosarum with the AGPT platform. The IRD team is pleased to have completed the years long process of developing and refining the first commercial AGPT based inoculant for pea & lentil that maximizes yields and creates synergy with the soil’s native microbes. Healthier plants and better yields are the results of the increase in nodulation, plant vigor and stronger root systems.

“The enthusiastic feedback is the motivation behind the upcoming full launch of PeasRhizo for the US market” says Dr. Manas Banerjee, CEO at XiteBio and Adjunct Professor of Biology. “By allowing the introduced Rhizobium to create synergy with the background rhizobia, PeasRhizo consistently improves yield across many regions”, says Dr. Banerjee. He further states that “At XiteBio we work to enhance the properties of plants and soils and develop products that create synergy. That’s why we are proud to extend the benefits of the AGPT platform to pea and lentil.”

XiteBio® PeasRhizo, a naturally-occurring premium liquid pea & lentil inoculant featuring AGPT, can be applied on-seed or in-furrow. It enhances nodulation and maximizes pea & lentil yield. PeasRhizo is the first product of its kind to be available to US pea and lentil growers from XiteBio and its dealers/distributors in the United States in the spring of 2013.

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