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Bioscience Association Manitoba (BAM) is currently seeking nominations for vacancies on their board of directors. Appointments will begin at the Bioscience Association Manitoba’s 2022 Annual General Meeting. Appointments are for a two-year term with an option for renewal.

Board members' responsibilities include: 

  • Attend quarterly meetings (minimum) for the BAM Board of Directors. 
  • Participate in a committee which meets approximately quarterly. The committees are designed to provide guidance to the association in areas deemed substantial to both the association and industry (ex. Policy, governance, etc.)  
  • Provide direction to the association to ensure the development of and enhance the value of the programs and services the association offers. 

Bioscience Association Manitoba is the voice and organizational nucleus of Manitoba’s bioscience industry. Our mission is to enable commercial success, foster innovation, expand industry skills, and bring awareness to Manitoba’s growing and thriving bioscience industry. The bioscience industry in Manitoba employs over 16,330 individuals and generates $10.4 billion in revenue. As a member of the board of directors, you will have the opportunity to provide vision and direction to this fast-growing industry.
The current BAM board is comprised of 15 representatives, researchers and service providers from diverse sectors of bioscience.

Please complete the self-nomination form and attach a CV.
The document must be sent to BAM by August 19th, 2022.