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XiteBio® SoyRhizo®: First-of-its-Kind Soybean Inoculant Registered for Canadian Market

XiteBio® SoyRhizo® is the first commercial soybean inoculant that uses Advanced Growth Promoting Technology (AGPTTM). The AGPTTM developed by the researchers at XiteBio not only introduces optimum number of nitrogen fixing Bradyrhizobium into the soil but also invigorates the natural soil microflora, including the native rhizobia, and creates synergy between them. SoyRhizo® features all-in-one package ready to use formulation that is easy to apply on-seed, and substantially boosts soybean growth, nodulation, and yield. In field trials, soybean yield was increased by 3-9 bushels per acre on average. The product is commercialized under the name of XiteBio® SoyRhizo® by XiteBio Technologies & its distributors in Canada and the United States.


“After several successful testing of this new product with university scientists as well as private researchers across the US soybean belt and Canada, we are excited to announce the commercial release of SoyRhizo® in the Canadian market”, says Dr. Manas Banerjee, CEO at XiteBio Technologies and Adjunct Professor of Biology. The product is already commercial in the United States since 2011. The product is the centuries-old nitrogen fixing bacteria Bradyrhizobium japonicum powered by the unique platform of AGPTTM exclusively developed at XiteBio. The XiteBio IRD (Innovation, Research & Development) team is pleased to have a naturally occurring product that effectively enhances soybean performance and yield in an eco-friendly manner after years of tedious evaluation. With the increase of plant vigor and stronger root system XiteBio® SoyRhizo® also increases nodulation; thus healthier plants, better yields.


“With growing interest in soybeans in Canada, especially Manitoba, we are delighted to be able to provide a new kind of inoculant to Canadian growers”, says Garry Van Den Bussche, Director, Sales & Marketing at XiteBio Technologies. “The bradyrhizobia in SoyRhizo® creates partnerships and synergies with the background rhizobia, and this works to maximize soybean yields”, adds Van Den Bussche. “At XiteBio, our goal is twofold: to enhance the use of green technology as well as to ensure our naturally occurring products are most user-friendly. That’s why we are proud to announce the Canadian registration of SoyRhizo®, powered by AGPTTM that is unique in the inoculant industry”, says Dr. Banerjee.


XiteBio® SoyRhizo® is a naturally occurring innovative soybean inoculant based on AGPTTM. This seed applied inoculant enhances soybean performance & nodulation and maximizes yield. SoyRhizo® is the first product of its kind to be available to Canadian soybean growers from XiteBio Technologies and its Canadian distributors.



XiteBio Technologies Inc. is a privately owned Canadian ag-biotech company. XiteBio’s head office and IRD Centre is located in Winnipeg, Canada. XiteBio researches and develops innovative and value-added biological products for today’s & tomorrow’s farmers in their state-of-the-art IRD Centre. XiteBio’s primary focus is to provide unique and efficacious biological products to distributors/dealers and farmers with cost-competitive pricing & higher margins.



Manas Banerjee, President & CEO

XiteBio Technologies Inc. 

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Garry Van Den Bussche, Director, Sales & Marketing

XiteBio Technologies Inc.

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