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Registration of XiteBio Yield+ Line of Biologicals

WINNIPEG, Canada (February 28, 2017):

XiteBio Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the registration of three new early post emergent biologicals: XiteBio® Yield+ for Canola; XiteBio® Yield+ for Corn, Wheat & Barley; and XiteBio® Yield+ for Legumes. These products are powered by the unique XiteBio® Yield+ platform based on patented phosphorous (P) solubilizing PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria). All these products can be applied at the 0-6 leaf stage tank mixed with select herbicides or applied in furrow at seeding.
The XiteBio® Yield+ platform is a naturally occurring biological based on a proprietary PGPR that has been assisting growers in US markets to maximize yields since 2014 and now also available to Canadian growers. “The active ingredient is a unique strain XSB375 of Bacillus firmus, a competent and vigorous colonizer of plant roots which has distinct P-solubilization characteristics that work throughout the growing season to aid plants to maximize growth & cope with stress conditions”, says Dr. Manas Banerjee, P.Ag., President & CEO of XiteBio.
“By continually working with the end users and key independent retails, we’re able to expand the use of biologicals and aid growers in adapting to a changing marketplace to improve agriculture production” says Bob Reekie, P.Ag., Business & Product Manager at XiteBio. Reekie further adds “the development of formulations and application techniques are a critical component in being able to effectively integrate biologicals into the normal cropping practices of growers. This is a key strength of new technology providers such as XiteBio who have a clear focus on biologicals”. “With the Yield+ lines we basically now have all the major row crops of the prairies are covered with our biological applications” adds Dr. Banerjee.
XiteBio® Yield+ line of products are premium liquid biologicals that enhances the growth, performance and ultimately yield in canola, corn, wheat, barley and legumes. XiteBio® Yield+ products along with liquid premium inoculants like XiteBio® SoyRhizo® and XiteBio® PulseRhizo® are becoming the outstanding option for producers, and exclusively available from XiteBio’s North American dealers & distributors. XiteBio® Yield+ line of products’ availability might be limited for the forth coming season. For full information on application method and product availability, please contact XiteBio.

XiteBio Technologies Inc. is a privately owned Canadian ag-biotech company. XiteBio’s head office and IRD Centre is located in Winnipeg, Canada. XiteBio researches, develops, and markets innovative and value-added ag-biological products for today’s & tomorrow’s farmers. XiteBio’s product line includes: inoculants, biofertilizers, additives, plant growth regulators, and biopesticides. XiteBio’s primary focus is to provide next generation ag-biological solutions to farmers with environment-friendly, unique, and efficacious products with cost-competitive pricing.