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About Advancing Healthcare Initiative

Bioscience Association Manitoba is pleased to offer the 30‑week collaborative Advancing Health Initiative (AHI). 

By housing technology innovators directly within a healthcare centre, combined with an increased time and access to health care professionals (HCP), AHI will promote the collaboration between SMEs and medical professionals.

Direct access to HCP will allow innovators to better understand the gaps and challenges in their technology/services, resulting in optimal product development based on customer needs with direct end-user feedback.


  • Increased investibility in Manitoba companies
  • Increasing HCP awareness of the local technology and resources within MB
  • Creating potential within the local market for MB-products 
  • Ability to develop the R&D phase and test new technology
  • Market validation that saves time and money: ability to determine real-time challenges
  • Access to physicians/HCP feedback results in improved product development/refinement

If you are a technology innovator or within healthcare, please contact for project details.


A Few of Our Partner Companies


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This Initiative is Supported by:



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